Rum Stars Camp

Our Camp Location

Our Bedouin camp is located in the heart of the Wadi Rum Protected Area, 13km from the Wadi Rum Village. Our camp is in a unique and beautiful location, wonderfully secluded and out of view from any other campsites. At night you will never witness another light source (apart from our own) which will allow you to feel the natural beauty and stillness of the desert in its full glory. Walk just a few feet from our camp and you will see a dazzling number of stars in every direction. Be patient and you may be lucky enough to see a shooting star passing over head…!

Luxury Suites

Enjoy your stay in our Executive suites! You can also watch the stars from the balcony or enjoy the evening watching the beautiful view of the desert. Our luxury suites have a private bathroom, AC/heater and balcony. These suites are available for 2 people, 3 people, 4 people or 5 people. The price is an additional 100JD per night for 2 people or 150JD per night for 3-4 or 5 people to the price of the tour of your choice.

Rum Stars Camp

Its beautiful location allows for truly spectacular views especially for you watch the sunrise and sunset across the wide desert valley. We have designed our camp to:

  • Explain our Bedouin way of life
  • Share our Bedouin culture
  • Provide peaceful and comfortable Camping
  • Give the best experience of Bedouin life
  • Celebrate Bedouin parties
  • Experience of desert tranquility

About Our Camp

The camp is divided into four parts:

The dining / fireplace: We have had built a large tent able to hold up to 35 people very easily. It has been built with windows covering every side to allow you to see the great views of Wadi Rum

Sleeping Tents: We provide private tents with all of the sleeping equipment. These tents are available in all sizes, such as Single Tents (1 bed), Twin Tents (2 beds), Double tents (King-size bed), Treble tents (3 beds), Family tents (4 beds), and Large Family tent (5-7 beds).

Showers & Toilets: We provide modern bathroom facility consisting of showers, toilets and sinks separated for men (3 showers & 3 toilets) and woman (3 showers & 3 toilets)

Kitchen & Eating place: We have nice size kitchen where traditional Bedouin food is prepared and cooked for you. We are proud to boast that it is the best in the Wadi Rum. Our eating area is a large open Bedouin tent with fixed stone tables and benches designed for perfect social interaction with your friends or other guests you may meet during your stay.

Salient Features

Solar Panel

We have installed solar panels to supply electricity to the camp providing power for lights and plug sockets for you to recharge your phones and cameras. 


We feel very proud to be recommended as the Top Choice Camp in the famous Lonely Planet guide book and highly recommended by many others including; Tripadvisor, Footprint Travel Guides, MichelinTravel and Routard.

Top Reviewed

A special thanks to our many guests for leaving high recommendations on our Trip Advisor page and the many travellers, who have passed through our camp, commenting on their blogs.

What People Say About Us...

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  • Great experience in the desert
    Sited deep in the desert, but with warm showers and good food. Welcoming and professional, Achmed was a great host. Abdul was a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic guide. Take time out, take a tour, ride a camel, hike the desert…Highly recommended

  • Just perfect
    Very nice hosts, Ahmed and his brothers are just so kind, funny and very interesting. They told us many stories and spent the evening around the fireplace chatting 🙂 The too day tour was magical but we would have stayed for more days if we had the time. Wadi rum is marvelous unique place and the experience with rumstars was so lovely.

  • Splendid isolation!
    Spent 2 nights at the camp and thoroughly enjoyed it. The tents are simple but comfy and the food was good and plentiful. A friend and I did a one day jeep excursion with Abdul, who was a terrific guide. It was a long day – 10 hours! – but we saw lots of sights in Wadi Rum, and Abdul was really informative about Bedouin culture and traditions. He also cooked us a great lunch. It was a great experience staying in a Bedouin camp in the middle of this incredible desert – loved the silence at night and the isolation. Would thoroughly recommend.