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Explore The Amazing Beauty of Wadi Rum

Our Bedouin camp is located in the heart of the Wadi Rum Protected Area, 13km from the Wadi Rum Village. Our camp is in a unique and beautiful location, wonderfully secluded and out of view from any other campsites. At night you will never witness another light source (apart from our own) which will allow you to feel the natural beauty and stillness of the desert in its full glory. Walk just a few feet from our camp and you will see a dazzling number of stars in every direction. Be patient and you may be lucky enough to see a shooting star passing over head…!


The expeditions offering many opportunities to see the rich wildlife that inhabits the mountains; particularly foxes, rabbits and gazelles. The views as you reach the summit are breath-taking, and are guaranteed to create life-long memories.


Canyon walls adorned with ancient rock inscriptions and paintings by the Nabateans and Thamud people. A self-guided trail where you will have be dropped off at one end and collected at the other.

Bridges & Stones

See the Map Stone; an old map etched into stone walls that provided clues to any passers-by as to the direction of the Camel Caravans. And Visit Jebel Burdah rock bridge, the highest natural bridge in the Wadi Rum and a wonderful photo opportunity either to admire from afar or take the half day hike to scale the mountain and walk across the bridge!

Rocks & Dunes

Adventure through the extraordinary and aptly named Elephant, Cow and Chicken Rocks. Large rocks shaped in the forms of these creatures, no forgetting the beautiful neighbouring sand dunes.


Visit Jebel Anafishiya; where you can admire 2,500 year old Nabatean rock inscriptions. And, Lawrence’s House, where legend claims that he stayed in during the Arab revolt.

Other Sites

There is more to it, visit Qatar Spring; a natural spring where you will see water emerging directly from the rock. Also, the Sunset Place; relax atop a giant red sand dune and enjoy the legendary Wadi Rum sunset with some Bedouin tea witnessing the magnificence of the sun ending another day.

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