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Professional, Fun, Friendly and with a lifetime of experience in and around Wadi Rum. We are grown-up with the history and information on the desert, as well as the Bedouin culture!

Why Choose Us?

RumStars Camp

Imagine yourself on top of a camel glacially riding across the wide valleys or sat in the back of an open top jeep, mountains towering above you which such defiance and majesty. Feel the warm wind in your hair, the soft sand on your feet, the extraordinary shaped rocks with your hands. Listen to the echoing mountains calling one another, the birds singing with joy and fire crackling under a pot of traditional sweet Bedouin tea. Climb the highest mountain and admire in stunned silence the incredible panoramic views that stretch out before you. Look up to a brilliant bright blue sky throughout the day, transforming into dark ink ocean filled with millions of shining stars at night. Just like we, the Bedouins of the Wadi Rum have adorned for centuries.

Our Story

How it Started...

My name is Ahmed Oglah Al Zalabeyh and I am the owner of Rum Stars Camp & Tours. I was lucky enough to be born and raised in one of the most beautiful deserts on earth. I feel incredibly proud and grateful that for seventeen generations my family has existed and thrived within the Wadi Rum and continually each generation decided to be a part of this inspiring journey. I grew up in a traditional Bedouin tent continuing our natural way of life, which has been passed on through my family for centuries. I know every mountain, valley, tree by name and all the secrets that this mysterious, rich land possesses. I have climbed, hiked and walked to the highest and furthest points, acquainting myself with each rock and sand dune, all of which have now become old friends.

I founded the Rum Stars Camp and Bedouin Adventures with my two brothers, Salem and Yousef, in 2004. We have slowly evolved the company to its current size each offering our own strengths and skills and have always been incredibly proud to deliver the level of service and care to everyone who visits us.

Group Discounts &

Tour Operators

We welcome any request from tour operators and travel agencies. We always look forward to hosting your clients in the Rum Stars Camp. Our camp is capable and prepared to host groups of up to 50 people in our purpose built tents. In this case the whole camp would be entirely at their disposal for their own private use. We offer tours and accommodation for couples, families, friends, groups and solo travellers to visit and discover the beautiful desert of Wadi Rum. We also have enough equipment to facilitate and host more than 50 persons utilising other areas of the site if this is required. For groups under 30 people we would continue to accept other bookings, however if you prefer to book the camp privately for a smaller size group this can be accommodated however please contact us directly.

We don’t ask for a deposit as we are not set up to take credit cards, so we ask for your payment in Jordanian Dinars. You can pay upon arrival at our Rum Stars Camp office. Prices does not include the entrance fee to Wadi Rum which is 5JD (paid at the Wadi Rum Visitor Center or included in Jordan Pass).