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1 day, 0 nights

It is also possible to cross the mountains to Aqaba by jeep, following Lawrence's Road. This tour is much easier than with camels or by hiking. This tour is especially useful for people who have already spent time with us and wish to finish their trip in Aqaba, as the whole journey across the desert by jeep takes only 3 hours.

5 days, 5 nights

Day 1

We start hiking from the Wadi Rum visitor center through the Al Makaras canyon to Wadi Um Ishrin. During this walk, you will get your first taste of the fantastic sights and sounds surrounding you in Wadi Rum.  Once we reach Wadi Um Ishrin, we will stop for lunch and rest for two hours before continuing on to the Burrah canyon. After a hike through the lovely Burrah canyon...

5 days, 4 nights

Day 1

Our camel caravan will start from Rum village, were we will ride to the Seven Pillars of Wisdom, one of Wadi Rum's most famous sites. From here we will move onto Wadi Rum Ishrin, where we will stop for a picnic lunch and sweet Bedouin tea. After lunch, we will continue through Wadi Rum Ishrin to view the beautiful red and white sand dunes. We will camp for the evening in...

6 days, 5 nights

This trip takes in all the major sights and experiences of Wadi Rum, including Rakabet Canyon, Jebel Burdah Rock Bridge, and Jebel Al Hash.

Day 1

After receiving you at the Wadi Rum Visitors Center, we will bring you back to Rum Village, where we will explain your itinerary in depth and answer any questions you may have, marking down key attractions and points of...
1 day, 0 nights

The perfect addition to any of our tours, as part of a collaboration with "RASCJ". Enjoy a unique and unforgettable perspective on the desert with a hot air balloon ride over Wadi Rum desert. We can arrange an hour’s balloon ride over Wadi Rum as part of your tour for just 150JD extra per person. This price includes transport to and from the balloon site and our camp. 

The tour is 1...

1 day, 1 night

New Year in Rum Stars Camp


Celebrate your new year event in the Middle of Wadi Rum Desert under a sky of thousands of millions stars!  It's the perfect way to celebrate one of the most important events during the year.


The time stops, the weather calms down, and the silence spreads out in the desert ! its not the calm that comes before the...