Special Tours

1 day, 0 nights

The perfect addition to any of our tours, as part of a collaboration with "RASCJ". Enjoy a unique and unforgettable perspective on the desert with a hot air balloon ride over Wadi Rum desert. We can arrange an hour’s balloon ride over Wadi Rum as part of your tour for just 150JD extra per person. This price includes transport to and from the balloon site and our camp. 

The tour is 1...

1 day, 1 night

New Year in Rum Stars Camp


Celebrate your new year event in the Middle of Wadi Rum Desert under a sky of thousands of millions stars!  It's the perfect way to celebrate one of the most important events during the year.


The time stops, the weather calms down, and the silence spreads out in the desert ! its not the calm that comes before the...