Practical Information

Practical Information

What to Bring

We will take care of everything that you will need in the desert, but you may want to bring a
few personal items along for additional comfort:
  • Good shoes for hiking and climbing (boots are preferable) and if possible sandals, which will be more comfortable for walking in the sand.
  • Headlamp/torch
  • Sun screen
  • Small bag to carry your camera and personal belongings.
  • Towel

Private Tents

We don’t offer shared tents, when you book with us you will have your own private tent.  These are the tent sizes that we have available:
  • Single Tents (1 Bed)
  • Twin Tents (2 Beds)
  • Double Tents (King-sized Bed)
  • Triple Tents (3 Beds)
  • Family Tents (4 Beds)
  • Large Family Tents (5-7 Beds)

Sleep under Millions of Stars

People who would like to sleep outside under the stars are welcome to ask the guides in the camp who will help you take your mattress and blanket and sleep outside in the camping area. This is particularly nice to do in the summer months. Our guides will help to show you a good spot to sleep under all of the stars, to experience the night sky spread out above you.
There are no banks or Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) in the Wadi Rum. Currently we are only able to accept cash payments in Jordan Dinars (JD) or US Dollars, so please be prepared to bring the correct amount due before you arrive in the desert. We require no deposit to secure your booking and there is no charge for cancelling. Once you have made your booking an email will be sent with all the agreed details, tour/s, prices and arrival and departure dates. Please check the information in our confirmation email carefully and let us know if there are any errors or amendments that would like to make.
Payment will be required at the end of your stay with us when you return to the Rum Stars Camp offices in the Wadi Rum Village.
Meeting Point
We will meet and collect you at the entrance to the Wadi Rum Village at the Rest House; the first building on the right upon arriving at the village. There you will find a large car park where you can leave your car for the entirety of your stay with us. Special arrangements can be made for collection from the Visitors Centre if you are unable to reach the village. Once collected we will drive you to our offices, further in the village, officially welcome you with Bedouin tea and discuss the itinerary set for your stay.
The Wadi Rum Village is located approximately 5 km after Visitor Centre after entering the protected area. There is only one road connecting the centre to the Village therefore it is incredibly easy to find. If you think you’ll arrive in the village earlier or later than has been arranged please call, text (SMS) or Whatsapp us and we will easily accommodate your changes.
If you come with a rental car, you can park it safely in the Rest House car park or next to our office in further in the Wadi Rum Village.


Taxi:  We can book taxis, on your behalf, to take you from the Wadi Rum to any other destination in Jordan. Prices to popular destinations are listed below:

  • Wadi Rum to Petra: 40JD.
  • Wadi Rum to Aqaba centre: 25JD.
  • Wadi Rum to Aqaba airport/Israeli boarder: 35JD.
  • Wadi Rum to the Dead Sea, Madaba or Amman: 70-100JD.

Buses: There is a limited number of buses that run to/past the Wadi Rum in Jordan from those locations listed below:

  • From Petra there is only one bus that leaves between 6:00 – 6:15am. It will arrive in the Wadi Rum at approximately 8:30am. To get this bus ask your hotel reception to book it for you, the bus will then pick you up from your hotel in Petra. This will cost is 7JD per person.
  • From the Wadi Rum to Petra you can catch the bus at 8:30am from our office in the Rum village, just ask us to book it and we will be more than happy to arrange this for you. This will cost 7JD per person.
  • From the Wadi Rum to Aqaba there is only one bus that leaves at 6am. This will cost 5JD per person.
  • From the Wadi Rum to Amman there are no direct buses. You will need to take the early bus or a taxi to Aqaba, from there you can catch one of the JETT coaches. These leave approximately every 2 hours and cost 8 – 10JD per person. 

Renting a Car:  Driving by car is an easy and comfortable way to discover Jordan. If you are driving to the Wadi Rum, you will first arrive at the Visitors Centre, where you will have to buy an entrance ticket costing 5 JD per person. If you have already purchased the Jordan Pass then your entrance into the protected area is already included and you just present this upon arriving at the gates.  If they inquire about your stay in the Wadi Rum please inform them that you have booked with Rum Stars Camp and that you'll be meeting one of our guides in the village.

Please, feel free to contact us to arrange your transportation from or to the Wadi Rum.

False Guides

Outside the Visitors Centre, in the car park, you will be met by a large number of day trip guides. Please ignore them as they will give you with misinformation, trying to sell tours that are overpriced and supply you with false information about the Wadi Rum, its sites and the camps that exist within them. If you do need to buy a ticket, walk straight to the Visitors Centre and purchase it inside. 

Seasons & Clothing

Winter: From November to February it can get very cold in the evenings and at night, and is cooler during the day. It can occasionally get very windy and wet but this only occurs once or twice a month. You should pack warm comfortable clothes for sleeping in. At the camp we are prepared for these conditions, lighting the fire in our large communal tent for you to sit around and keep warm and comfortable. In the sleeping tents we can provide extra blankets if required.
Spring and Autumn: During the spring from March to April with temperatures increasing and the autumn from September to October with temperatures decreasing the nights can still be cool. The heat during the day is much warmer which means you need to pack a range of clothes. Bring with you a good jumper or jacket, a pair of warm trousers and socks in case of a cool day and/or evening.
Summer: Lasting from May to August this is the hottest time of year with the days being long and the evenings very comfortable and warm. The heat is very dry rather than humid. Pack clothing that is light and breathable and can cover you from the sun.
Below is a link to the Wadi Rum monthly weather guide which is very informative and helpful:

An up-to-date weather forecast can be found here.


All meals; breakfast, lunch and dinner including mineral water, tea, and coffee are included in your tour:
  • Breakfast: we offer an open buffet of various breakfast foods like local tasty yogurt and cheese, vegetables and eggs, served with coffee and tea.
  • Lunch: we offer our guests a picnic lunchbox during the tour; if there is enough time our guide will cook you lunch on an open fire in during the lunch time rest.
  • Dinner: we will prepare Zarb; traditional Bedouin food cooked under the ground and sand. It is presented with an assortment of roasted vegetables, rice, and various salads served in a buffet style.
  • Drinking water: this will always be available in the camp and during the trip and is included in the price.
Special Dietary Needs
A vegetarian diet is available upon request. Please contact us if you have any special dietary requirements, and we will do our best to meet your needs.
Small groups
Our small group sizes are usually a maximum of 4-6 people. If you prefer to have a private tour with a smaller number it will cost you 30% of and in addition to the total original price.
When a group of 5 people or more book and go on a private tour, we will not charge the 30% extra. 
How can I make a reservation?
If you know the tour you want to book or would like to discuss them in further detail, please email us via the following address: .
We can also receive bookings by telephone calling: +962 (0)795 127 025. We do however prefer to communicate via email as much as possible to keep a clear record of communication clear between us stating who you are and your selected tour/s.
Our working office hours are between 9am – 5pm. During the daylight saving summer months Jordan is GMT +3 hours and during the winter months GMT +2 hours. Please take this into consideration when contacting us or awaiting a response. We will do our very best to respond to your emails and answer phone messages as soon as possible. Outside of these hours we are unable to be contacted as there is no phone signal or Wi-Fi at our campsite in the desert.
High Season
Our busiest times are between April and October, the Easter Weekend, Christmas and New Year Holidays. We can get fully booked early, so if you are planning to visit during these times please try to book as early as you can!
To Book a tour please send us:
  • Your full name and those of any others in your group.
  • Your nationality.
  • Your contact number with the international dialing code.
  • The number of people in your group.
  • The name of the tour/s you would like to book.
  • Your arrival date.
Is there available electricity at the campsite? 
We take advantage of the long full days of sunlight by using clean reusable solar power energy supplied by our very own panels.  All the private tents, showers, toilets and communal tents are fitted with electricity to light these spaces throughout the evening and night so that you can clearly see where you are going. We leave a few lights until dawn uncase you need to get up in the middle of the night.  Our large communal tent has plenty of plug sockets, equipped with most international adaptors for you to charge any of your electrical devices.
When booking a camel trek to or from the campsite we will transfer your luggage via one of our jeeps to the relevant destination. When you are on your tour you are welcome to take you bags with you in the jeep. Any bags that you don't want with you for the day can be taken to the camp for you (by jeep). Any bags you don't want with you for the day or in the camp overnight can be stored safely and securely at our offices in the Wadi Rum village. 
There are no additional charges for luggage handling.