Two Day Camel Trekking & Jeep Tour

Two Day Camel Trekking & Jeep Tour


Anfasheih Inscription
Burdah Rock Bridge
Burrah Canyon
Khazali Canyon
Lawrence's Spring
Nabatean Temple
Sand Dunes
Sunset Sites
Um Frouth Rock Bridge

Day 1

After receiving you from the Wadi Rum Visitors Center upon your arrival, we will bring you back to Rum Village, where we will explain your itinerary in depth and answer any questions you may have, marking down key attractions and points of interest in your program on a map for you to keep during your adventures. After getting you situated, we will bring you to meet your camels and your camel guide. You will have a brief tutorial on how to mount and ride your camel, ways to ride comfortably, and how to ensure you have the most enjoyable experience while trekking on the back of these incredible creatures. You will then begin your camel adventures with a visit to Lawrence's Spring, where T.E. Lawrence was reputed to have washed during the Arab Revolt. We will then progress onto Wadi Um Ishrin and the famous sand dune area. Here we will stop for tea and a delicious lunch, packed in a box with Bedouin treats. After lunch and a rest, we will continue on to see the ancient Anfashiyeh inscriptions, before crossing over to Um Rashid Canyon, and passing through Lawrence's House. We will then trek onwards to our desert campsite, where you will enjoy delicious Bedouin dinner, traditional music and singing, and Bedouin storytelling before retiring for the evening to your private tents. Your total time by camel will be 5 hours.

Day 2

The next morning, after a delicious hearty breakfast buffet, we will begin your 4x4 Jeep Tour adventure. Your tour itinerary will begin with a visit to the Nabatean Temple, where you will have the opportunity to observe ancient ruins. From there we will move to the majestic Qataar Spring. There you can easily climb a nearby rock formation and take in the scenery and one of the best views of the vast landscape. After Qataar Spring, we will take you to see one of the most interestingly-shaped rock formations in Wadi Rum, known as "The Cow Rock", and as it's name suggests, it is essentially a towering statue of a cow, formed naturally by rock. From there, we would continue on to the Barrah Canyon where we will have lunch in the shade of a humbling cliff. After lunch, there is an optional short trek through the canyon for about a kilometer. We then drive to the base of the mountain that holds the Jebel Burdah rock bridge, and then on to Um Fruth Bridge (which is about 20 meters high and a favorite for climbers) and Khazali Canyon. From Khazali Canyon we will return to our campsite, where you will enjoy a second night of Bedouin feasting, music, and storytelling, before you tuck in for your last night of sleep in the peaceful desert.

Day 3

After your traditional Bedouin breakfast, we will return you back to Rum Village by Jeep in the morning, from where you can continue on to your next travels!


2 days


2 nights

Adult Price

120 JD

Group Price


*price per person.
*group rate applies to groups of three or more

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