Three Days Jeep Tour & Hiking

Three Days Jeep Tour & Hiking


Anfasheih Inscription
Burdah Rock Bridge
Burrah Canyon
Khazali Canyon
Lawrence's Spring
Sand Dunes
Sunset Sites
Um Frouth Rock Bridge

Day 1

In the morning we will set off by jeep into the desert. Once in the desert our first stop will Lawrence of Arabia’s Spring. After this we will head to Jebel Khazali canyon. Here we will stop to walk in the canyon for around half an hour. We will then go by jeep to the small bridge (short stop), and then we shall drive to Um Frouth Rock Bridge where we will stop for half an hour to walk up to the bridge and explore around it.

We will then go to find a shady place where we can have lunch and Bedouin tea and have a rest for 3 hours (free time you do what you want). After this we will continue to Lawrence’s house (short stop) then to see the ancient Thamudic Inscriptions at Jebel Anfashieh. Finally we will head to the sand dune area. After this we will finish the tour and drive to our campsite where you will have dinner and sleep outside under the stars.

Day 2

After breakfast, we will start hiking by foot to Jebel Burrah canyon where we will walk into the canyon. At the end of the canyon we will stop for lunch and rest for 3 hours. We will then go through Wadi um Ishrin to um Rashid canyon where we will stop for some famous Bedouin tea. We then continue to go through um Rashid canyon to our campsite where we will have dinner and again sleep out under the stars.

Day 3

After breakfast, we will go by jeep to Jebel Burdah where we will stop to scramble up towards Burdah Rock Bridge. This scrambling is not difficult and more than worth the effort for the amazing view at the top. Here we will stop for half an hour break to get your breath back and to admire the view.

Once again, for lunch we will find a shady place to stop and rest for around 3 hours. After lunch we will go by jeep to the White Desert, which lies to the west part of Wadi Rum. From here we will drive to Wadi Sabet and near Jebel Um Adami, which is the highest mountain in Jordan. Here we will stop for a break and tea then we will drive back to our campsite to have the well renowned Bedouin food and also some entertainment in the form of traditional Bedouin music. When finished we will relax for the night under the stars.

Day 4

After our final breakfast together we will drive you back to the Wadi Rum visitor center and inform you of all the local bus times and prices etc.

If you would like to return to the village by camel instead, we can arrange a camel trek for you to do the final morning.  This is just an additional 30JD per camel, and the trek back takes 2-3 hours.  You will then arrive at Rum Village between 11:00AM and 12:00PM.


3 days


3 nights

Adult Price

180 JD

Group Price


*price per person.
*group rate applies to groups of three or more

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