Three Day Jebel Al Hash Tour

Three Day Jebel Al Hash Tour


Anfasheih Inscription
Burdah Rock Bridge
Burrah Canyon
Jebel Al Hash
Khazali Canyon
Lawrence's Spring
Sand Dunes
Sunset Sites
Um Frouth Rock Bridge

Day 1

We will meet you at the Wadi Rum Visitor Centre before taking you on a six hour jeep tour through the most scenic sites in Wadi Rum. You will see the Seven Pillars of Wisdom, the Nabatean Temple, Lawrence's Spring, Khazali Canyon, the Little Rock Bridge, Um Frouth Rock Bridge, and the Burdah Rock Bridge before stopping for lunch and tea. After lunch, you will visit the Burrah Canyon, Anfashieh Inscription, and Sand Dunes Area, where you can relax for a bit and play around in the sand. We will then head to the Sunset Site, where you can take in spectacular views as the sun sets on the desert. We will then drive you to our desert campsite where we can spend the night in either traditional Bedouin tents or under the stars.

Day 2

After breakfast at the camp, we will take you by jeep to Jebel al-Hash. Here we will hike to the top of the mountain, one of the nicest places for hiking inside the Wadi Rum. It is a relatively easy ascent, and has breathtaking views from the summit. After five hours of hiking we will descend the other site of the mountain, where we will take a two hour rest and have lunch. The jeep will then take us to another location, from which we will hike the 5 km back to our campsite and settle down for the night.

Day 3

After breakfast we will take a 6 hour camel trek back to the village of Rum through the beautiful scenery of the Wadi Rum.


3 days


2 nights

Adult Price

180 JD

Group Price


*price per person.
*group rate applies to groups of three or more

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