Lawrence's Road to Aqaba (Hiking)

Lawrence's Road to Aqaba (Hiking)

Lawrence's Road to Aqaba is the desert road from Wadi Rum to Aqaba and has a length of 65km. This road was familiar to the Bedouin people because they used it to travel to the city of Aqaba in order to buy goods. They also travelled to sell goats, camels and items that they had produced such as cheese, milk and carpets, to the people who lived in the city. Their only means of transport was by camel. The name "Lawrence's Road" came about when Lawrence of Arabia used this road to move with the Bedouin in 1916 from the Rum desert to Aqaba.

During the trip, we show our guests all of the beautiful landscapes of the Rum, including the white and red sand dunes, magnificent canyons, ancient inscriptions and the diverse colours of the land. Similar to our Lawrence's Road Camel Tour, we start from Wadi Rum Village and head out hiking in the direction of Aqaba. We will be accompanied by a guide and a cook, and a jeep will trail us carrying luggage, food, water, soft drinks, Bedouin tea, sleeping equipment, tents, and last but not least, our famous Bedouin hospitality. If someone is does not want to continue on foot, the jeep can take them along the next leg of the journey as well. Every night we camp under the stars in a different location.

Our hike leaves off 5km from our destination, where a taxi will be arranged to transport you into the centre of Aqaba.


3 days


2 nights

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195 JD

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*price per person.
*group rate applies to groups of three or more

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