Four Days "Burdah Bridge" Tour

Four Days "Burdah Bridge" Tour


Anfasheih Inscription
Burdah Rock Bridge
Burrah Canyon
Lawrence's Spring
Red Sand Desert
Sand Dunes
Sunset Sites
Um Frouth Rock Bridge

Day 1

We start our first day of treking by traveling from Rum village to Lawrence's Spring, where Lawrence of Arabia is rumored to have stopped often for water. From Lawrence's Spring, we then move on to Qatar spring.  Once we reach Qatar spring, we will stop for lunch, tea, and a short rest. After lunch, we continue through Um Sabatah, enjoying the beautiful red sand dunes. We will make camp for the night at Um Sabatah, where we will watch the sun set over the desert and enjoy a delicious dinner.

Day 2

After breakfast in the morning, we will leave Um Sabatah and head towards Um Frouth.  There, you can visit and climb Um Frouth rock bridge, one of the most famous sites in all of Wadi Rum.  We will then stop for lunch and some sweet Bedouin tea.

After lunch is finished, we will continue our trek and head towards Jebel Burdah. Along the way, we will take in the fantastic scenery from all around the desert.  When we finally reach our destination, we will prepare our campsite and enjoy a delicious dinner before taking our second night's rest.

Day 3

We will start the morning with a hearty breakfast, and then begin our hike/scramble up Jebel Burdah to Burdah Rock Bridge. It is an easy rock scramble - no prior rock climbing experience is needed - and the views from the top are incredible. The climb itself will take around 1 ½ hours to the bridge, and another 1 hour to come back down. After we finish this hike, we will return to have lunch, tea, and a relaxing break.

When we are finished resting after lunch, we will continue hiking to Burrah Canyon.  Once we reach Burrah Canyon, we will prepare dinner and camp for the night.

Day 4

Following breakfast, we start our hike by heading to the Anfasheih Inscriptions (dating back to 300BC). After exploring these ancient inscriptions, we move onto Wadi Um Ishrin, where we will stop to explore and play on the scenic sand dunes of Wadi Rum. It is at these sand dunes that we will have lunch.

After lunch we will trek through the beautiful Rakabet Canyon back towards Rum village, finishing our hike around 4 pm.


4 days


3 nights

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