Five Days Trekking & Scrambling

Five Days Trekking & Scrambling


Burdah Rock Bridge
Burrah Canyon
Jebel Al Hash
Lawrence's House
Sand Dunes
Um Frouth Rock Bridge
White Sand Desert

Day 1

We start hiking from the Wadi Rum visitor center through the Al Makaras canyon to Wadi Um Ishrin. During this walk, you will get your first taste of the fantastic sights and sounds surrounding you in Wadi Rum.  Once we reach Wadi Um Ishrin, we will stop for lunch and rest for two hours before continuing on to the Burrah canyon. After a hike through the lovely Burrah canyon, we will stop for the day to prepare dinner and camp for the night.

Day 2

After breakfast we start hiking to visit the rock painting place and then on to Lawrence’s House where we will stop for lunch and a two hour rest. We will then continue to Jebel Burdah rock bridge, where we will have dinner and settle down for the second night's camp.

Day 3

We will start our day with breakfast, and then being a rock scramble up to the bridge. It is easy scrambling and at the top are incredible views. After descending, we will have lunch and rest for 3 hours. We will then continue to the Al Forah area (outside of the Wadi Rum protected area) and we will have dinner and camp there

Day 4

After breakfast we will scramble up to the summit of Jebel Al Hash. When we are safely back down the other side of the mountain we will have lunch and rest for 3 hours. We will then continue hiking to the west area (White desert) and we will have dinner and camp there for the fourth night.

Day 5

We will eat breakfeast and then begin hiking through the canyons to the Um Froth rock bridge, where we will stop to have lunch and rest for 2 hours. After lunch we will continue hiking through the Al Kshkashih canyon to our main campsite where you can have a shower, rest and eat dinner. We will have a Bedouin party and sleep under the stars for your final night inside Wadi Rum

Day 6

On our last day, we will drive you back by jeep to Rum Village where you will take the bus back to the airport, or wherever you want to continue your trip.

If you would like to do the camel trek back to the village the next morning, it would be an additional 30JD per person (per camel) and it takes about 2-3 hours. Some people like to hire an extra camel for their guide; otherwise he will happily walk along next to you during your ride back to the camp.


5 days


5 nights

Adult Price

400 JD

Group Price


*price per person.
*group rate applies to groups of three or more

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