About Us

About Us

We are two Bedouin guides from the Zalabyeh tribe of Wadi Rum in Jordan.

Our Bedouin families still live in the Wadi Rum desert. Both of us are licensed professional guides, we completed the required courses for our licenses and we have wide experience of the desert because we were born and raised in Wadi Rum.

We started this small business to offer tourists something more interesting than the normal short trips by jeep in the desert. We believe that such a short time is not enough to discover the many possibilities when visiting the desert of Wadi Rum. The trips we have arranged have helped all our guests to enjoy its beauty.

We have a beautiful campsite in Wadi Kshkashieh. We have Bedouin tents and single tents, and in the camp we have all necessary sleeping equipment, mattresses, blankets, firewood, everything to make your stay comfortable - all you have to bring along is a sense of adventure to sharpen your senses and extend your knowledge.  You will never forget this experience!

We can organize your stay to include:

  1. Jeep tour to all the sites in the desert.
  2. Time for hiking to important mountains for those who like to walk or for scrambling.
  3. For those who are not afraid, we have a camel trip for a few hours to a 1/2 day, or from one full day up to 5 days.
  4. We can also organize time for easy climbing of the Jebel Burdah or Jebel Um Adami.