About Us

About Us


Imagine yourself on top of a camel glacially riding across the wide valleys or sat in the back of an open top jeep, mountains towering above you which such defiance and majesty. Feel the warm wind in your hair, the soft sand on your feet, the extraordinary shaped rocks with your hands. Listen to the echoing mountains calling one another, the birds singing with joy and fire crackling under a pot of traditional sweet Bedouin tea. Climb the highest mountain and admire in stunned silence the incredible panoramic views that stretch out before you. Look up to a brilliant bright blue sky throughout the day, transforming into dark ink ocean filled with millions of shining stars at night. Just like we, the Bedouins of the Wadi Rum have adorned for centuries.

My name is Ahmed Oglah Al Zalabeyh and I am the owner of Rum Stars Camp & Tours. I was lucky enough to be born and raised in one of the most beautiful deserts on earth. I feel incredibly proud and grateful that for seventeen generations my family has existed and thrived within the Wadi Rum and continually thank God that each generation decided to remain in this most inspiring, breath taking and captivating of places.

I spent my entire childhood raised in the heart of the desert. I grew up in a traditional Bedouin tent continuing our natural way of life, which has been passed on through my family for centuries. I know every mountain, valley, tree by name and all the secrets that this mysterious, rich land possesses. I have climbed, hiked and walked to the highest and furthest points, acquainting myself with each rock and sand dune, all of which have now become old friends. However like many old friends there are still hidden secrets that exist within them and always new discoveries to be made, each one bringing me such a wonderful delight when I do. The Wadi Rum offers something that no other place on earth can; a sanctuary of true peace, silence and wellbeing, offering an honest escape for anyone who exists outside of it. I never forget how lucky I am to live here and will never consider leaving my oldest of friends.

I founded the Rum Stars Camp and Bedouin Adventures with my two brothers, Salem and Yousef, in 2004. We wanted to offer visitors something greater than the short trips and stays that already existed. Working with a small group of very experienced Bedouin guides, having grown up in the desert with them together, we sought to deliver the true beauty and magic that captivates our hearts. We wish to share and allow you to discover the many possibilities that this place possesses. We have slowly evolved the company to its current size each offering our own strengths and skills and have always been incredibly proud to deliver the level of service and care to everyone who visits us.

We offer a wide range of programs to suit every age, interest and fitness level. We can cater to your needs from Half Day visits to 5 day programs or more! We also specialise in adventure tours for people who want to do something just a bit different:

  • We have a beautiful camp (http://rumstars.com/our-camp) located deep in the heart of the Wadi Rum Protected Area - all you have to bring along is a sense of adventure to sharpen your senses and extend your knowledge. We promise that you will never forget this great experience!
  • Our Combination Tours are for those of you who wish to explore the desert in different ways and have a good amount of time to do so!
  • Trekking and Climbing.
  • Camels Treks.
  • Bivouac Camping; ‘camping under the stars’.
  • Hot air balloon trips.

We offer tours and accommodation for couples, families, friends, groups and solo travellers to visit and discover the beautiful desert of Wadi Rum.

We are incredibly proud to be recommended in multiple guide books, blogs, websites, and the most important recommendations to us are those left by our past visitors which we are very grateful for. All of these recommendations come from many years of hard work, and we promise to deliver the highest level of service so that each and every guest will continue to receive the most unforgettable of experiences.

From all of us in the Rum Stars team, we look forward to welcoming you to our most treasured of homes in the Wadi Rum desert.